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Posted by BlighterProductions - 3 weeks ago

Well, I’ve visited my grandpa’s grave recently. It was an immersive and tranquile moment. It felt good visiting him, and seeing that the tombstone was renewed, so that he was finally reunited with his cancer-deceased wife, someone I never got to know in person.

My grandfather died at the age of 90 to COVID-19 on 10 April 2020 at the time of 5:42AM. I remember how I came downstairs that morning, and my father told me that he was gone. It came on one side as a surprise, because physically he was immensely strong and resistant, but on the other side it did not. He was 90, suffered from no less than 13 different illnesses like blood thinners, hypotension, kidney failure and massive fall damage from all the times he dropped from the stairs. And he was a very social person, and when quarantine struck 17 March, everything went into lockdown, and no one was ever allowed to visit him anymore. This was the factor that snapped him, and he agreed that passing away would be better than living solitarily. All of this came back to me when I saw his grave. I was not sad, just quiet, like back then. And it felt good.

Do you have lost any relatives to the ongoing virus wave that struck us? If you do, the best of luck and strength to overcome your loss.

Signed BlighterProductions

Posted by BlighterProductions - 1 month ago

Hello everyone, BlighterProductions here. I have to say that I'm doing very well since I finished the song in time. I was very narrow with scheduling, but the weekend blessed me with lots of free time to finish my submission for NGUAC. It’s called “Traction Beast”.

I also am very grateful for the positive reception that the song is getting, so thank you. All of you! I wish my fellow contestants good luck with their efforts for NGUAC.

-Signed BlighterProductions


Posted by BlighterProductions - August 14th, 2020

HELLO everyone, BlighterProductions here.

I happened to have past the first round of NGUAC. Afore, I was mentioned in a post in which they said: ''Nobody likes to hear that they didn't pass.''

I wanna know, is this some joke? It's a bit confusing. But anyways, I'm very happy to have passed the first round of NGUAC.

New song ahead. I set myself the deadline for 23 August, which is a Sunday. I hope to get a fancy, fucking metal industrial piece of it. I have 9 days from this point on, so I'll be working on it.

Thanks for following and supporting me. And please remember: having a talent is only half the deal. Using it has the true value.

Signed BlighterProductions


Posted by BlighterProductions - July 7th, 2020

Hello everyone, today is my birthday and I have become 17 now. Lots of things are going to change in my life, but that does not mean that I won’t make music anymore. Only, I have had quite some work on preparations for this day, so I couldn’t work on that Techno song I told you about in my other news post. I’ll notify you when its done.

Best regards BlighterProductions

Posted by BlighterProductions - June 26th, 2020

Well, that’s over. I had a long, painful process making “Pulsar”, but I think it was worth all the effort. I really am insistent on leaving a vote on all of my songs. Especially because Pulsar needs only one more vote before I can see the score of it. Second big reason is because I can get a better idea how to improve my music. Especially the constructive feedback is highly appreciated.

For that, I want to give an example: on two of my songs, a user named “Codefreq” has left some of the best commentary I’ve ever read. 3 things are very important:

  1. He leaves an honest vote, which represents the satisfaction that a song gives him.
  2. He names the upsides and downsides in a comment about a song. This is helpful and it adds to your knowledge about music making. Of course, there are far more other people who are capable of making such a review, but this one is the one I know best.
  3. Lastly, Codefreq does it respectfully. He doesn’t hate. I give you people the freedom to be honest, including if that means you don’t like it. But do it with respect. I am not going to give any attention to haters anyways.

Now, with that being said, I hope you people have the greatest time further on.


Posted by BlighterProductions - June 18th, 2020

Hey guys, BlighterProductions here. You might have noticed that I uploaded lesser songs over the past months. Well, it's because I was working on what I believe to be my biggest project since Quasar and Last Horizon. I won't spoil too much, except for that it will be published to Newgrounds on Monday, at 20:00 local time. It also belongs to my (W.I.P) album "The Career Goes Further #2" as the ninth song. I am planning to make 11 songs for this album. As seen as the summer vacation is on it's way in Holland, I will have a lot more time to finish my work on this album and hopefully, release the full version of it on YouTube, Soundcloud, and no doubt, Newgrounds, as soon as September (a very bold estimation).

Now, I will end this newsflash with my best regards to you fans, followers, and my collaborator EagleGuard (who helped me with Last Horizon) and I wish the best for you all.

Signed Blighter